VX MODUL Exhibition wall

What means VX MODUL?

VX MODULE is a freestanding lightweight exhibition system. Based on a modular concept, you not only have the option of individually planning but also to expand, change and rearrange the system.

Freestanding room dividers and exhibition walls create ambience in large rooms. Elegant surfaces, an appealing haptic and a sophisticated connector system with leveling make VX MODUL the high-quality carrier or discreet background for your exhibits. Showcase your presentation areas! Flying exhibitions, visitor guidance and meeting rooms are just a few of the many possibilities.

Easy to handle

setting the connectors
Placing Elements and fix them
with upper-connectors
ready to use


In addition to the standardized surfaces, you basically have the possibility of having every decor on the market pressed by us. You will find many decor options with our cooperation partner ZEG 



In principle, you have the option of receiving our paper honeycomb panels with defined special processing such as cable ducts, conduits or cut-outs for lighting, sound and presentation technology.

Our team is happy to help!

The VOMO connector system impresses with its minimalist concept and robust processing.

With the VOMO gallery hook systems we facilitate suspension and presentation.

Connectors & Add ons


VOMO Transport boxes

outside: 2593 x 1093 x 1195 mm

inside: 2520 x 1020 x 1020 mm

VOMO transport boxes make it easier! Additional roles under the boxes allow loading without a forklift. A particularly interesting aspect, especially for traveling exhibitions with frequent and long transport routes.