VOMO Story

On christmas eve of 2001, the long-standing vision of carpenter master Klemens Mormann and businessman Johannes Voß became reality. While Christmas trees were decorated in most families, Mormann and Voss signed the papers for the founding of VOMO Leichtbautechnik GmbH & Co KG.

On January 1st of 2002, just in time for the introduction of the Euro-currency, the production of the first lightweight construction elements with paper honeycomb core in Havixbeck started on 400 m² production area. The VOMO team consisted of a carpenter’s apprentice, an office worker and the technical staff. A press, a CNC milling machine and a saw formed the machinery of the still young company.

As early as 2005, the production area was extended to 750 square meters – a horizontal panel saw was purchased and delivered punctually on the first day of the Münsterland snow chaos. Due to the widespread power outage, the arrival of the saw then shifted despite all punctuality but still for a week. The employee base grew to 8 permanent employees.

The year 2007 was characterized by spontaneity and important decisions! In addition to the normal order situation, VOMO received 3 major orders for more than 10,000 lightweight components, which coul be completed within just 6 weeks! 550 square meters of additional production and storage space were rented and after successful order processing, it quickly became clear: “The capacity limits have been reached – more space is needed!"

A suitable location was searched for and found and, together with Jan Voß as a further managing director in the team new plans were made.

With the start of construction in March 2009 it came to factr – VOMO moves to Laer. On a 6000 square meter factory premises should then run from January 2010 production. A sustainable concept is not only sought in our own products but has been also realized on the new site. The own chip heating and solar modules will supply the company with energy and heat from mid-2010. The machine park has been extended by an automated continuous press and the team grew to 15 employees.

In the next three years, in addition to production, product development was also promoted. VOMO expanded its portfolio started offering furniture, sliding doors and exhibition walls in lightweight construction in addition to exhibition wall systems in order to offer customers and partners a holistic lightweight construction concept.

2014 The machine park was expanded again. Additional CNC milling machines and honeycomb expanders were purchased and the edge glueing technology has been automated.

In 2015, Johannes Voß said goodbye for retiring to his 20 employees.

Lightweight construction is trendy. Also international. In addition to the daily production VOMO produced in 2016 15000 exhibition wall elements of a specially designed system for the largest art fair in the world! The ARTBASEL

The storage area has been extended by 300 square meters and the team continued to grow. To date, VOMO lives the continuous development of its lightweight products and is the first point of contact for

  • Exhibition Builders
  • Shopfitting
  • Furniture industry
  • Sliding doors
  • Exhibition walls
  • and much more

Today, 25 employees in the office and production contribute to the success of the company and support the customers and partners with their know-how!


"When you can´t do it on your own then you can do it as a team!"

Our team is made up of trained professionals – from carpenters, master craftsmen and technicians to merchants, we look after your products with a great deal of experience and dedication and offer you a versatile product portfolio. We specialize in setting up our production at any time and at short notice to manufacture your products. A sense of innovation, the questioning eye for every heavyweight and the sure hand in every implementation are the ingredients of the success story “VOMO-Leichtbautechnik", which started in 2001. Due to the high flexibility and versatile combination possibilities of the VOMO products and the possibility of manufacturing special parts, every customer request can be individually planned and implemented. The constant, technical advancement of our products as well as regular further education of our coworkers let us become real lightweight construction specialists – challenge us, we look forward to your challenge!

Your Contacts

Irmgard Döring

Assistant to the management

With VOMO since February 2002


(+49) 02554 / 94078-00

Mario Reinke

Distribution & Purchase

With VOMO since February 2006

Project Manager
wood technician

(+49) 02554 / 94078-05

Dirk Kuhn


With VOMO since February 2007



(+49) 02554 / 94078-07

Timo Wilkens

Manufacturing Manager

With VOMO since March 2008



(+49) 02554 / 94078-01

Franciska Michaelis

Marketing & Sales

With VOMO since April 2016

Customer care
Sales Managment

(+49) 02554 / 94078-02

Tobias Frenker

Marketing & Sales

With VOMO since January 2018

Web & Social Media

(+49) 02554 / 94078-22