Light, easy, effective!

VOMO products are not only suitable because of the light construction and the simple handling for the topic shopfitting. A high degree of customization allows you to adapt the selected product to your design concept 1 to 1.

Diverse surfaces

  • Any decor available on the market
  • possible Special surfaces (anti-fingerprint) reduce the cleaning effort
  • Pre-milling for POS systems or presentation media possible at any time

Modular systems

  • fast assembly and disassembly through modular construction
  • high flexibility in the exhibition area
  • adaptable and expandable


  • fast amortization through reusability
  • durable construction saves follow-up costs
  • Adaptability creates flexibility

In combination, the VOMO product lines EXPO, BASIC and FURNITURE are unbeatable in shopfitting. Combine exhibition wall systems with high-quality lightweight furniture and create spaces. Use our HEXALIGHT honeycomb panel series for displays or ceiling and wall coverings.

Maximum design options for your interior design team on the highest lightweight quality with a long service life.

HEXALIGHT honeycomb series

The HEXALIGHT honeycomb panel series offers you a wide range of design options. With the variants

  • Plain
  • frame
  • and Decor

adapt your selection to your project. From HDF – raw to the high-quality decor surface, unsealed or with frame and with special processing of any kind, the VOMO HEXALIGHT is the all-rounder in the field of lightweight construction!

VX Modul Exhibition wall

Freestanding room dividers create ambience! Fine surfaces, a pleasing feel and a sophisticated leveling connector system make the VX Module display wall your product presentation or discreet backdrop. Showcase your presentation area. Versatile and reusable and of course adaptable to the VOMO SMART system.

SMART exhibition wall system

The lightweight wall with system. Easy handling, reusable, expandable.

The modular wall system is a true quick-change artist. Surfaces, special designs and dimensions are defined by your ideas.

The SMART connector system facilitates assembly and disassembly. Define your room!

BT 18 Bridge tables

Fast and easy is also the focus of the VOMO bridge tables. Define design and surfaces and adapt special options to your planning concept. Whether as a trade fair counter, bar table or seating table, the fields of application are manifold. Matching benches and stools of the VOMO Furniture series to the design of your bridge table complete your room concept! The BT 18 Bridge Table is a versatile lightweight and offers endless possibilities!