Solutions for museums


Whether a simple background for high-quality exhibits or as an information carrier for print and digital media – VOMO lightweight products create your desired design by combination!

Individual and versatile!

  • high quality surfaces
  • also available in flame retardant
  • Empty conduits, cable ducts Cutouts for light, sound and presentation technology integrated
  • security system VOMO Protect

Time savings through system modules

  • fast assembly and disassembly through modular construction
  • easy storage and transport
  • House technician friendly

Time savings through sustainability

  • fast amortization through reusability
  • durable construction saves follow-up costs
  • Adaptability creates flexibility

In combination, the VOMO product lines EXPO and FURNITURE are unbeatable in the museum and exhibition area. Combine exhibition walls and furniture variants, create spaces and the appropriate background for exhibits and information. Individual and easy. Maximum design options for your team of curators on the highest lightweight quality with a long service life.

Exhibition systems from professionals for professionals

VX Modul Exhibition wall

Freestanding room dividers create ambience! Fine surfaces, a pleasing feel and a sophisticated leveling connector system make the VX Module Exhibition Wall your system of choice for high quality exhibits or discreet backgrounds. Showcase your presentation area. Versatile and reusable and of course adaptable to the VOMO SMART system.

SMART Exhibition wall system

The lightweight wall with system. Easy handling, reusable, expandable.

The modular wall system is a true quick-change artist. Surfaces, special designs and dimensions are defined by your ideas.

The SMART connector system facilitates assembly and disassembly. A spirit level and a little skill, paired with the rugged connector system, will also make it easier for your home technician!