HEXALIGHT Frame - Lightweight panel with wooden frame

Lightweight panels on the rise

For several years there has been a growing demand for lightweight panels. The VOMO HEXALIGHT Lightweight Panel Series caters to this demand with a variety of lightweight panel product offerings that save up to 80% over traditional particle board or MDF formats. The advantages are obvious:

  • weight reduction
  • Stability
  • Flexural strength
  • sustained
  • Customizeable

With the HEXALIGHT Frame lightweight board we offer a basic product for your applications or further processing. Easy and simple!



The dimensions of the lightweight panels are made according to your wishes and specifications up to a maximum of:

3500 mm x 2070 mm


HDF/GF – priming surface (white)

  • 3 mm Strength
  • 4 mm Strength


The element strength is also definable by you and is in the range

von 20 mm bis 100 mm

HDF/roh – spreadable surface

  • 3 mm Strength
  • 4 mm Strength

Customize with:

  • Trimming and formatting
  • Depositors as desired
  • cable channels
  • Ductwork 
  • inductive charging
  • Docking stations l
  • ighting preparation 
  • integrable lighting, sound and presentation technology
  • edge processing